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Welcome to our updated message board


 looking for an 8 episode summer replacement series from 1971, called "Make Your Own Kind Of Music". It was on NBC. 

I want to purchase Amazing Stories Season 2 on DVD.  looking for The Mike Douglas show from July 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th, 1965 featuring The McGuire Sisters.


Looking for Dating Game show featuring Gail elder, for 1968 or 1969?
I am looking for an episode of the Newlywed game that aired on TV in February of 1978.  Donna and Ernie Salamon were on the episode, but they did not win. 


Looking For I Remember Mama starring Peggy Wood Looking for the 1972 complete series of Anna & The King Looking for episodes of Down Home.


I would like to request a copy of the episode I was a contestant on the Dating game.
My name is Mark Martinez
I am not sure of the airing date but I will include this information.
1977-1978 ?
I was contestant #2 and was selected to go on the date to Pensacola Florida.
I think the name of the bachelorette was Christy.
Looking For My Sister Sam The Complete Series On DVD
I'm searching for the TV-Show "Semi-Tough", with David Hasselhoff, the following Episodes

-The First Hurrah
-That Catch
-One Bad Apple
-Barbara Jane Moves Out



Stewart Cara Stephen
stewart.schroeder@concierge.americanexpress.com herchenrotcj@vcu.edu steph.bass87@gmail.com
Looking for Parenthood 1990 television show Complete series Looking for The Gong Show.  I've been searching for years for my father's episode of the Gong Show. He was a contestant in 1977 (august, I believe) and the judges were Jamie Farr, Mort Sahl, and Jaye P
Morgan. His act was called the “geriatric mouse” where he
impersonated an elder Mickey Mouse doing impressions of celebrities.
Looking for  

No Time for Sergeants (1964):-Have No Uniform Will Travel 01/19/64- AHatful of Muscles 02/08/65

Hank (1965):- Dunsetter forPresident 10/01/65

Mister Roberts (1965):- Liberty 09/24/65

- Old Rustysides 10/15/65- HappyBirthday, to Who? 11/05/65- Loveat 78 RPM 11/12/65


Kenny Jason Jane
kennybunkport2000@gmail.com  macysguy@gmail.com  m4dtk@cs.com 
I'm looking for the "1.98 Beauty Show" episode with contortionist Christa McKenna. Looking for the 1989 series Heartland, especially episodes The Tornado & Sky is Falling. Looking for the 1979 episode of the Dating Game with contestant Jane Mohr.

Margie Adrian Dee
                    mnmcoffey@earthlink.net billstime14@gmail.com 756demail@gmail.com
Looking for Family Feud 1977-79 with the Sawyer Family Looking for the dating game 1969 with Adrian Kenneth Roberts & jacky kerner  Looking for Leslie Uggams Show which featured Dick Van Dyke and Sly & the Family Stone,  this episode include a musical skit performed by the Don McKayle dancers that featured a “Street Talk”theme?


Lois loisjean70@gmail.com 

Looking for Dating Game episode from 1969 with Phyllis Diller

Renee katzrd@aol.com 

Looking for -- "Sara" starring Geena Davis 

 Need all 13 episodes that aired on NBC in 1985

Randall   randall.wilcoxon@yahoo.com 

Looking for 3 Dating Game episodes that aired in 1968 & 1969 with contestant Janice Heller.

  Dan     dla1971007@yahoo.com

I've been looking for the 16th and 17th (1991-92) seasons of Saturday Night Live. I really only need all the skits of Bill Swirsky's Superfans (Da Bears)! 

Barbara      kastner1@cox.net

Looking for 2 episodes of the Dating Game from the late 60's with Barbara Wolk

Anthony   asebiase@yahoo.com.

Looking for a 1979 episode of the Dating Game with Anthony Dibiase as one of the bachelors

Lynette  ohtony@gmail.com

Looking for Tony Orlando as a guest star 

Marvin  star1135@comcast.net 

Looking for Honeymoon Race from 1967 with Marvin & Sandra Kopp

Delna  delnasethna@yahoo.com  

Looking for the complete series of Our Family Honor

Ed   tubeshark@hotmail.com 

I am looking for an old episode of the dating game with Hugo Quackenbush.  He was one of the 3 bachelors and won because he kept mentioning his "sailboat"

Frank   FrankMize@aol.com

Looking for the entire series of Blue Light from 1966

Nicole   nhardin11@marykay.com

 I am searching for a television
 advertisement that my Grandmother, Mary K. Thompson  was featured in from 1968.  It was entitled
 "Tough Judges" made for Crisco who was owned by
 Proctor & Gamble at the time. 

Danita   danitachantel@me.com

Looking for Martha Stewart Show & Tyra Show.
I have the episode #'s dates, and seasons.

Richard  RDSackley@aol.com

Looking for Co-Ed Fever & What Really Happened To The Class of 65

Debbie   debbiecurrey@yahoo.com

a group of gals I know are desperately looking for episodes of general hospital from the 70's to the mid 80's.....they REALLY would LOVE to find the David Hamilton murder trial!!!! we will buy. Anyone have????

John  hudson30189@comcast.net

I was on a daytime episode of the Dating Game that filmed at the end of May or early June 1970 and aired sometime in September or October of 1970.  I was bachelor #2 and “Wendy” from The Doodle Town Pipers was the lady choosing her bachelor date.

Judy   wildec33@earthlink.net

I am looking for the made for TV version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with Jeff Goldblum.

Cindy   moss@smccd.edu

I am looking for the complete series of Hill Street Blues and Saint Elsewhere. 

Victor  realniceguy08@aol.com

Looking for Dating Game with Julie Budd from 1971

Ken   ken99937@yahoo.com

I'd like to get a particular episode of American Bandstand (3-15-62).


I am looking for 1967 Dating Game episode where Kathleen S. Carroll was the bacherlorette and Paul Lynde was one of the bachelors

Bruce    anderson@terrellhogan.com

I am looking to buy any old episodes of Mr. Novak with original cigarette commercials

Richard    feldsteinrichard@yahoo.com

loking for any talk  shows,interviews, news footagw,etc  on muhammad ali/cassius clay 

want tom snyder  with ali   75,78   ali on donahue   1975 


Tom from Texas   tomvadala@sbcglobal.net

I am looking for an episode on DVD of the Family Feud from the 1980's that had a family with the last name of Sherman.  I think it was filmed in the March/April time frame and aired in June/July.  

Robert from California   robert.wyman@lw.com

I am looking for an episode of The Dating Game that aired on September 6, 1972.

Lisa-Marie     bengalcircus@comcast.net

Looking for episodes of 1980-82 sitcom "Love, Sidney" staring Tony Randall and Swoozie Kurtz.

Donna from  Princeton La.   thatgirlfan@bellsouth.net

Looking for Donna Reed show -- seasons 6, 7, & 8   vhs or DVD

Sherry   phalguy@aol.com

Looking for the Dating Game episode #78 which aired on 4/16/69.  I chose bachelor Bob.  

Steve   stevesadlerjr@yahoo.com

Looking for episodes of the PBS series Hatha Yoga with Kathleen Hitchcock.

Jayney from Hawaii    Sharpejhi@gmail.com

Dating Game Season 1978-1979 (1980)
Jayney Arden Malloy / Winning picked bachelor picks up Bachlorette, throws her over his shoulder and when he puts her down, her belt pops off. Won a trip to Acapulco.

Alvita   Akisini@aol.com

Looking for the dating game twice in 1969. I chose both times the daytime and night time show. The night time show was with celebrate Kyle Johnson who I went to Lisbon Portugal with. He had just shot the movie, The Learning Tree

Karen from California

Looking for Newlywed Game that aired on July 21, 1972

Taylor  from SLC  USA   brutusprince@yahoo.com

I'm looking for an episode of Family Feud, i believe it aired in 1985. It was the HACKET VS HUGHES. 

Chip from Florida   ChipCunningham@hotmail.com

Looking for the Dating Game that aired on 8 July 1971

Karen   Bratak@comcast.net

I am looking for a  1963 episode of the Price is Right.  Filmed in New York City, my father, Mr. Jacobson, was a contestant and won a patio set.


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