Occasional Wife
September 13, 1966 - August 29, 1967

Occasional Wife was a single season sitcom airing in 1966-1967 on Nbc.  The setting was the Brahms Babyfood Company where Peter Christopher worked.  The policy at Brahms was they only promoted married people. 

 Since Peter Christopher was a swinging bachelor he came up with an idea to have an Occasional Wife.  He met a hatcheck girl named Greta Patterson at a niteclub and convinced her to take the job.  He had her move in to his apartment building on the 9th floor and Peter was on the 7th floor.  Peter paid for Greta's art lessons and apartment plus gave her a small amount of money each month.

Any time Mr. Brahms was coming over or there was a social affair Greta needed to be there.

This got pretty complicated especially because Greta had a boyfriend.

Baseball announcer Vin Scully narrated this complicated sitcom.

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Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Michael Callan
Patricia Harty
Jack Collins
Susan Silo
Jack Riley
Stuart Margolin
Bryan O'Burne
Chris Noel
Vin Scully

1. That's How They Got Capone
2. Business Trip
3. Kangaroo Candidates
4. Pilot
5. He Who Burns Bridges
6. I Do We Don't
7. No Cookie For Dessert
8. Miss Greta Regrets
9. A Friend Of The Family
10. Alias Peter Patterson

Rose Marie
Cathy Lewis
Sally Field
John Astin
E.J. Peaker
Lloyd Bochner
Paul Hartman
Herb Edelman
Frank DeVol
Jeanine Riley


Occasional Wife - The Rivalry

Occasional Wife - The Promotion




Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Pilot   9/13/66

Occasional Trouble    9/20/66

The Rivalry    9/27/66

He Who Burns Bridges    10/4/66

I Do We Don't    10/11/66

The Promotion   10/18/66

No Cookie For Desert     10/25/66

Danger Woman At Work    11/1/66

A Friend Of The Family    11/15/66

Marriage Counselor    11/22/66

No Talent Scouts   11/29/66

That's How They Got Capone    12/6/66

GP Loves UU    12/13/66

Miss Greta Regrets    12/20/66

Peter By Moonlight   12/27/66

Alias Peter Patterson     1/3/67

Fair Play For Gypsies    1/17/66

A Couple Of Home Cooked Meals    1/24/66

One Plus One Equals Too Many    1/31/67

Kangaroo Kandidates    2/7/67

New Secretary    2/14/67

Business Trip    2/21/67

Engagement Christopher Style    2/28/67

Instant Fatherhood    3/21/67

Soft Spot    3/28/67

Secret Powdered Milk Affair    4/4/67

My Occasional Brother's Keeper     4/11/67

An Affair To Forget    4/18/67

Oil Be Seeing You    4/25/67

So Little Time     5/9/67


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