Richard The Lionheart
1962 - 1963

Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Lion & The Eagle

Robbers Of Ashdown Forest

Wolf Of Banbury

School For A King

Crown In Danger

Pirate King

Alchemist Of Rouen

Kings Champion

King Arturs Sword

The Challenge

The Bride

Great Enterprise

Norman King

Strange Monks Of Latourn

When Champions Meet

Warrior From Scotland

The Conjuer

Lord Of Kerek

Queen In Danger

Saracan Physician

A Marriage Of Convenience

Prince Otto

Vision Fades

The Fugitive

Knight Errant At Large

Guardian Of The Temple


A Kings Ransom

Devil Is Unloosed

Little People Of Lyntor

The Raiders

An Eye For An  Eye

The Caveman

A Year & A Day

Crown Jewels

Man Who Sold Pardonns

Heir Of England

People's King




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