Run For Your Life
Sept. 13, 1965 - March 27, 1968


Paul Bryan, a successful 35 year old attorney played by Ben Gazzara receives notice from his doctor he only has 12-18 months to live.

With this in mind he decides to jam 30 years of living into 1 or 2 years.

Stories take him to all parts of the globe and get him involved in many different situations.

There are lots of beautiful young ladies in most episodes and the production values were quite good.

Ironically the series lasted much longer than Paul Bryan was supposed to be alive.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Ben Gazzara
Fernando Lamas

1.   In Search of April
2.   Who's Che Guevera
3.   Time & A Half On Christmas Eve
4.   Frozen Image
5.   How To Soul Your Soul For Fun & profit
6.   Sex Object
7.   Savage Machines
8.   This Town For Sale
9.   Girl Next Door Is A Spy
10. Carnival Ends At Midnight

Rita Moreno
Ernest Borgnine
Sharon Farrell
Don Rickles
Carol Lynley
Peter Lawford
Mary Ann Mobley
Telly Savales
MacDonald Carey
Diana Hyland


Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Cold Cold War Of Paul Bryan   9/13/65

Girl Next Door Is a Spy    9/20/65

Our Man In Limbo   10/22/65

Where Mystery Begins   10/29/65

Savage Season   11/8/65

This Town For Sale   11/15/65

A Girl Named Sorrow   11/22/65

Voice Of Gina Milan   11/29/65

Time Of The Sharks   12/6/65

Make The Angels Weep   12/13/65

Strangers At The Door   1/3/66

Carnival Ends At Midnight   1/10/66

Rediscovery Of Charlotte Hyde   1/24/66

Night Of The Terror   1/31/66

In Search Of April   2/14/66

Hoodlums On Wheels    2/21/66

Sequestro   3/14/66

Don't Count On Tomorrow    3/28/66

Night Train To Chicago    4/11/66

Last Safari   4/25/66

Savage Machines  5/2/66

Committee For The 25th   10/3/66

Sex Object   10/17/66

Edge of The Volcano  10/24/66

Grotenberg Mask  10/31/66

Treasure Seekers   11/14/66

Man Who Had No Enemies   11/21/66

Shock Of Recognition   12/31/66

Flight From Tirana   1/9/67

List Of Alice McKenna    1/23/67

Baby The World's On Fire   2/6/67

Calculus Of Choas    2/19/67

East Of The Equator    3/20/67

A Choice of Evils   4/3/67

Tell It To The Dead    4/11/67

Better World Next Time   4/18/67

Who's Che Guevana   9/13/67

I Am The Late Diana Hays    9/19/67

Three Passengers For The Lusitania   9/27/67

Trip To The Far Side    10/11/67

Company Of Scoundrels   10/18/67

At The End Of The Rainbow There's Another Rainbow  10/25/67

Down With Willy Hatch   10/30/67

Naked Half Truth   11/6/67

Mustafa Embrace   12/1/67

It Could Only Happen In Rome   12/15/67

A Dangerous Proposal   1/3/68

One Bad Turn  1/10/68

Rape At Lucrece   1/17/68

Beware My Love   3/2/68




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